We Turn Ecommerce Returns Into Sustainable Resales

Our Vision

As a team, we believe in minimizing waste and that each new product should be resold multiple times extending its lifecycle before ending up being recycled.

Our purpose is to cut down CO2 emission in ecommerce returns supply chain and avoid products ending up in landfills by extending their lifecycle. We want to make re-commerce accessible and convenient for all.

Meet The Founders

Kalle Koutajoki

A growth entrepreneur with extensive Retail & SaaS experience. Co-founder of Naveo Commerce a SaaS platform for online groceries. Previously worked as CSO at verkkokauppa.com the largest online retailer in Finland.

Antti Ijäs

A passionate product creator and a growth engineer. Experience in several commerce and last mile growth companies eg. Naveo Commerce. Currently running a startup lab for an international automotive conglomerate.

Hannes Junnila

A fullstack developer and architect with vast experience in solving large scale algorithmic problems.

Our Investors & Advisors

Superhero Capital

Street Smart Capital

Here’s Our Contact Info

Contact us

You can contact us at info@renow.ai

Helsinki offices

Vilhonvuorenkatu 12, 00500 Helsinki

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